USB Power Delivery & Data Loopback Volume Tester (GRL-V-UP-2SC)

All-in-one USB test solution for fast reliability & production testing


  • Single setup solution for USB Power Delivery 3.0 negotiation and USB 3.2 Gen 1/USB 2.0 data loopback testing
  • Test up to 2 ports concurrently at 100W per port power loading and 7.5W per port for VCONN power
  • AC and battery power for portability
  • Fast, easy to use and cost-effective


GRL-V-UP-2SC is a comprehensive tester for USB Type-C® and USB Power Delivery hosts, hub modules, docks, monitors, and chargers. Fast, easy to use and cost-effective, V-UP is an ideal solution for testing in reliability and environmental chambers as well as high volume production.

V-UP tests USB Power Delivery negotiation and USB data loopback while monitoring low-level PHY and protocol errors. V-UP tests up to 2 ports concurrently at 200W power loading. 2 test cards each support loading of a single 100W USB-C® port. Using AC or battery power, V-UP supports field use cases such as automotive and chamber test environments.

Testing takes less than a few seconds with a single setup. Front panel LEDs indicate data enumeration, making it easy to operate and understand test status with minimal user training. Detailed test results can be easily recalled for analysis.

V-UP’s user-friendly software allows open API access, giving test engineers the flexibility to use their own software such as C#, NI TestStand, and Python.

Key Features

Key features:
  • Cost effective, easy to use, scalable for high volume production testing
  • USB PD 2.0 & USB PD 3.0 PPS negotiation testing
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps) & USB 2.0 data loopback testing
  • Up to 200W of continuous loading and 7.5W VCONN load per port
  • Concurrently tests USB PD, VBUS/VCONN (7.5W Max) power and data in one setup
  • Driver-less USB data testing and low level PHY/protocol error monitoring
  • Real-time automatic data throughput level monitoring
  • Battery Charging 1.2 (source only) detection and testing
  • User-friendly software GUI and front panel LED indicators
  • Supports USB Type-C and Type-A*
  • VBUS voltage sense line available to compensate for IR drop
  • Open API for flexible hardware control from various software environments
GRL-V-UP-2SC - GRL USB Power Delivery & Data Loopback Volume Tester
USB Power Delivery & Data Loopback Volume Tester (GRL-V-UP-2SC)

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